Times of India - 03rd June 2010 - Don't haul up pilots for hard landing
After two years of doing approaches and landings with the fear of getting hauled up by the airline for doing a hard touchdown, Air India and Air India Express pilots can finally breathe easy as far as hard landings are concerned. ...."

Times of India - 1st June 2010 - IX 812 pilot was rapped for hard landing
The commander of the ill-fated Air India Express flight, Capt Zlatco Glusica, had been called for a counselling session and admonished by the airline's air safety department in March for a hard landing in Thiruvananthapuram...."

29th April 2010 - India Today - Air India rolls out big jet to please 'VIPs'
National carrier Air India may be undergoing an austerity drive and financial restructuring after the Rs 7,200 crore loss it posted last year after its merger with Indian Airlines, but those rules apparently do not apply to civil aviation minister Praful Patel's family...."

05th April 2010 - Business Standard - Stop taking trainee pilots or face legal action ICPA to AI
Maintaining that the flying hours had fallen to an average of 60 or even 40 hours, it said, "this clearly proves that we are underutilised..."

31st March 2010 - Showrering of last flight of Capt. Saudamini Deshmukh - Retirement
Water cannon courtesy by Director (Operations) MIAL - Recorded by Capt. Mukhtiar...

18th February 2010 - Business Standard - Senior officials desert Air India in hour of crisis
"Executives directors P Senthil Kumar, DJ Chibber and HS Grover have quit Air India since the the present Air India CMD Arvind Jadhav took charge in May last year. Officials who are on leave for months include Anita Mitroo and Manjira Khurana. ....
15th Febuary 2010 - Business Standard - Domestic carriers close in on their international rivals
"Industry experts say the good news is that ticketing yields have been improving over the last two or three months because the market is expanding again and is expected to grow by 12 per cent in the next financial year....

06 December 09 - DNA - Air India proposes cut in wages of foreign pilots
"The managment has proposed a 10% reduction in the salaries of the expat pilots," sources familiar with the development said,.....

03 December 09 - Business Standard - Newsmaker: V K Bhalla
Bhalla, however, likes to project himself as a simple man. Even though his job requires him to deal with computers for hours on end, he declined to e-mail Business Standard a photograph of himself saying, “Main to gawar aadmi hu, mujhe internet kaha aata hai.”(I am a bumpkin man, I do not know internet and all).....

01 December 09 - Midday - AI pilot accuses guild of foul play
ICPA president Shailendra Singh said, "We did not attend the meeting to put forth the specific demands of the executive pilots.....

02 December 09 - Times of India - What loss? AI big shots get upgrade to luxury
AI and IA’s retired CMDs or MDs will be entitled to business class travel along with their spouses, parents and children. The same will apply to people who retired from the posts of DGM to corporate directors....

25, November 09 - The Hindu - AI unions seeks Arvind Jadhav’s removal
Three of Air India’s (AI’s) most influential labour unions have petitioned the President Pratibha Patil asking that the state owned carrier’s chairman and managing director (CMD) Arvind Jadhav be removed....

21, November 2009 - Air India pilots defer strike
Captain Shailendra Singh, president of Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) said, on the request of chief labour commissioner, the strike call has been deferred till the 30th of this month....

The Hindu - 19, November 2009-Air India staff stage protest march to Parliament
The employees, holding Air India CMD Arvind Jadhav responsible for the present condition of the airline, also demanded his removal and regularisation of the payment of their due salary and productivity linked incentive.

Video clip of the Silent March by ICPA Mumbai Line Pilots on 17.11.2009 and Statement of Capt. Abu Ansari
Click to see the video

Air India pilots to stage silent protest march to Parliament
Terming it "a last chance to save the airline", Singh sought the participation of the other employees unions. Meanwhile, ACEU has decided to support the protest march by the ICPA...

A Total number of 70 line pilots participated in the Peace March

Mumbai Mirror - 18.11.09 - IA Pilots protest march at Domestic Aiport on 17.11.09 (images)
Air India pilots who are members of the Indian Commercial Pilots Association took out a protest march at the airport on Tuesday demanding on time payment of allowances. While the Air India management has proposed a cut in allowances, the pilots are resisting it. They have complained of not receiving the allowances for over 3 months and are threatening to go on strike from November 24

Times of India Nov 18, 2009 - Erstwhile IA Pilots protest, threaten stir
Up in arms (images)

Air India pilots protest against delay in payments
Inspite of that every union has seen to that our on-time performance has gone up, why? Doesn’t that show dedication from the employees? Inspite of not being paid if I can give you better all-time performance, you treat me well, I’ll treat you well,” said Abu Ansari, Vice President of Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA)...

Air India management not serious on resolving issues: ICPA
The management does not seem to be serious in resolving our issues which include payment of productivity-linked incentives (PLI) pending for the past three months," ICPA general secretary RS Otaal...

Pilots stage protest march at Mumbai airport
A section of Air India pilots owing allegiance to the Indian Commercial Pilots Association on Tuesday staged a silent march at Mumbai domestic airport to protest delay in payment of salaries and allowances...

Air India CMD trying to provoke pilots' strike: ICPA
In a letter to the CMD, ICPA President Capt Shailendra Singh asked, "... does this mean that you have planned to create conditions for strike and that it should continue for 15 days?...

ICPA members conduct Peaceful march on 17.11.2009 at 8 A.M. from ICPA Office

Interview Of Capt Sabu on NDTV HINDU on 05/11/09.

Extract from the letter sent to the CMD on 02.11.2009
It has been repeatedly brought to your notice by numerous letters and meetings, the following, amongst other points, which have led to the present unwanted situation...

Strike To Save Air India
Press release statement by the GS in the release as on 03.11.09
Air India pilots today asserted that they would go ahead with their November 24 strike call if their demands were not met within a week...

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